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UploadMe keeps a changelog which is a file which contains a curated, chronologically ordered list of notable changes for each version of UploadMe/ To make it easier for our visitors and members to see precisely what notable changes have been made between each release (or version) of UploadMe/

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Minor Update

  • UploadMe v2.5.5 Friday, 15 March 2019
  • Improved

    • Overall website performance, a fancy new Dell server.
    • Prepared content for CDN transfer for an up-coming announcement.
    • Email deliverability (Used for email verification, password resets and welcome emails).

    Minor Update

    • UploadMe v2.5.34 Sunday, 28 October 2018
    • New


      • Fixed a bug with the image upload file limit (3MB for guests and 15MB for logged in users).

      Minor Update

      • UploadMe v2.5.3 Tuesday, 11 September 2018
      • Fixed

        • We had an issue with email delivery; affecting registration, account confirmation and password reminders, all sorted now. :-)
          Don't forget to monitor our Service Status page.

        Minor Update

        • UploadMe v2.5.2 Sunday, 2 September 2018
        • New Features

          • Added SEO friendly album and image URLs
          • Added plugin support for WoltLab forums
          • Added short URLs for content sharing


          • -


          • -


          • Fixed bug in not working album page navigation
          • Fixed bug in album sharing links (empty album)
          • Fixed bug in listing selection embed codes (when no image file)


          • -

          Minor Update

          • UploadMe v2.5.1 Monday, 9 July 2018
          • New Features

            • Added support for UTC timezone
            • Added PUP support for XenForo 2
            • GDPR: Added user data export in JSON format (data portability)
            • GDPR: Added explicit check box "I agree to terms and privacy policy"
            • GDPR: Added link to privacy page under cookie law message
            • Added ID encoder/decoder tool


            • Nothing, jolly good!


            • General improvements to speed and cache.


            • Fixed bug in personal mode listings
            • Fixed bug in image viewer (missing scroll after delete content)
            • Fixed bug in share buttons default link behaviour
            • Fixed bug in password reset process
            • Fixed bug in login/signup pop-up menu off-screen
            • Fixed bug in album listings
            • Fixed bug in maximum image size setting causing duplicate upload check bypass
            • Fixed display issue on album display (long descriptions)
            • Fixed bug in sign up button (top bar)
            • Fixed bug in forced email verification
            • Fixed bug in page links
            • Fixed bug in profile page (search)
            • Fixed bug in header


            • Updated all language translations

            Major Update!

            • UploadMe v2.5 Saturday, 24 February 2018
            • New Features

              • Added rich HTML email templates
              • Added re-director for external URLs
              • Added focus to album select on move
              • Added NSFW blur for album thumbs and cover
              • Added missing translation placeholders
              • Added animated GIF images listin
              • Added trending content listing
              • Added popular content listing
              • Added recent content listing
              • Added new Explore menu
              • Added album views count
              • Added album likes
              • Added “Upload to this album” button (user/album)
              • Added “Create new album” button
              • Added select album on upload
              • Added button to add content when showing empty listings
              • Added filter to hide banned user content from explore
              • Added “Following” to Explore menu (shows content added by people you follow)
              • Added “Following” and “Followers” to user menu
              • Added arrow album navigation for images shared with “anyone with the link” option
              • Added album preview image when sharing to social networks
              • Added alphabetical sort order for albums
              • Added upload plugin
              • Added notification bell icon (top bar)
              • Added more image auto delete times
              • Added listing viewer (prev/next) navigation
              • Added keyboard shortcuts and gesture navigation (listing viewer)
              • Added maximum image upload size for guests (compare plans)
              • Added long-press action to display image toolbar


              • Removed privacy toggle from image uploader
              • Removed “or cancel” text from image uploader
              • Removed random mode button from mobile top bar
              • Removed user menu from mobile top bar
              • Removed notifications menu from mobile top bar
              • Removed reCAPTCHA on user settings form


              • Improved mobile listings
              • Improved resizing function (faster and less memory usage)
              • Improved Facebook connect handle
              • Improved image uploader look and feel (CSS styles and animation)
              • Improved image uploader translation placeholders
              • Improved list item title display (use CSS text-overflow to truncate titles)
              • Improved passwords maximum length to 128 chars (OWASP recommendation)
              • Improved top-bar for mobile devices
              • Improved membership plans article on knowledgebase (added new "Guest" column).


              • Fixed bug in password protected albums
              • Fixed bug with incorrect size handling
              • Fixed XSS vulnerability in Exif parser
              • Fixed XSS vulnerability in user profile
              • Fixed bug in content image upload filenames
              • Fixed bug in upload queue handling when removing each image
              • Fixed bug in Facebook login
              • Fixed bug in uploader queue (misplaced edit buttons)
              • Fixed bug in user website URL display
              • Fixed bug in Exif handler
              • Fixed bug in image delete (auto like issues)
              • Fixed bug in reCaptcha modal login box
              • Fixed bug in password protected albums and not working reCAPTCHA
              • Fixed bug in not found listings when using homepage as route explore
              • Fixed bug in drag-select feature


              • Updated frameworks + CDNs
              • Updated reCAPTCHA to v2
              • Updated all language translations

              Minor updates..

              • UploadMe 2.1.2 Wednesday, 17 January 2018
              • New Added API tokens to profile settings (
              • New Added Facebook/Twitter footer - Tweet/Share us your snaps to win prizes!
              • Fixed Fixed bug with Service Status (
              • Updated Improved text on Image EXIF data box on profile settings (
              • Updated Improved Knowledgebase (
              • Updated Improved membership plan overview (
              • Updated Logo

              Just one small new feature..

              • UploadMe 2.1.02 Saturday, 7 January 2017
              • New Added endless scroll support. No more clicking next/previous buttons!

              Hello! We're introducing UploadMe v2.1.01

              • UploadMe 2.1.01 Wednesday, 14 December 2016
              • Fixed Fixed bug in Disqus SSO
              • Fixed Fixed bug in HTML 5 uploader
              • Updated Chinese Traditional, French, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian and Spanish translations

              Hello! We're introducing UploadMe v2.1!

              • UploadMe 2.1 (Wednesday, 26 October 2016 (BST) at 16:30)
              • New Added password protected albums
              • New Added extended support for animated GIF images
              • New Added GIF load button to listings (same as Facebook)
              • New Added animated home cover slideshow (replaces the boring green)
              • New Added WhatsApp share button
              • New Added registration IP flood detection
              • New Added automatic removal of not confirmed user accounts
              • New Added support for private users likes/liked content
              • New Faster listing system
              • Improved Album cover image (listings)
              • Improved Password minimum length to 6 characters
              • Improved pagination style for mobile
              • Improved Improved copy button behaviour for mobile devices
              • Improved Improved uploader queue handling (doesn't hang on big queue)
              • Improved Improved enabled languages display for mobile
              • Fixed Fixed bug in image edit modal (not resetting form when creating an album)
              • Fixed Fixed bug in user profile page (no avatar on follow scroll)
              • Fixed Fixed bug in listings (small images overlaps)
              • Fixed Fixed bug in user search box (close icon)
              • Fixed Fixed bug in homepage (white page)
              • Fixed Fixed bug in listings (not working disable NSFW images)
              • Fixed Fixed bug in /following
              • Fixed Fixed bug in profile followers/following (listing tools)
              • Fixed Fixed bug in image viewer (zoom in/out not working after loading large image)
              • Updated All translations

              Welcome back! As we explained we lost a lot of users and data, we're kicking off our return with a massive bang! introducing UploadMe v2.0!

              • UploadMe 2.0.0 (06/June/2016)
              • New Follow user system
              • Added Added following content stream
              • Added Added following/followers lists
              • Added Added image likes
              • Added Added “Most liked” listing filter
              • Added Added user liked list
              • Added Added user cumulative content view counter
              • Added Added notifications system
              • Added Added Markdown embed codes
              • Added Added album creation and registration IPs
              • Added Added global stats counter for images, albums, users and likes
              • Added Added daily stats counter
              • Improved Improved theme font-size (16px)
              • Improved Improved user listing style
              • Improved Improved album listing style
              • Improved Improved general listings when using mobile
              • Improved Deprecated “Logged user logo link” feature
              • Improved Deprecated “Oldest” list filter
              • Fixed Fixed bug in phablet view and user avatar on user profile page
              • Added Added edit icon indicator for each image preview on upload
              • Improved Improved custom CSS functionality
              • Fixed Fixed bug in user settings with mandatory email field for social login
              • Fixed Fixed bug in fullscreen loader
              • Fixed Fixed bug in album view when selecting album description text
              • Fixed Fixed bug in image list when assigning multiple images to an album
              • Fixed Fixed bug in user settings when unlinking a social account
              • Fixed Fixed bug in image viewer with panorama images
              • Fixed Fixed bug in Twitter sharer
              • Added Added “oldest” view option
              • Added Added alphabetical order for album drop-down selection
              • Added Added one-click copy embed codes button
              • Improved Improved image embed codes
              • Added Added redirect to image on single image upload
              • Added Added absolute time display when hovering relative dates
              • FixedFixed bug related to apple-touch-icon
              • New Added private profiles
              • Added Keep me signed in (This feature explained)
              • Improved Improved Adult Content guidelines (An update on Adult Content (Images))
              • Improved All translations

              It's been a while! We're back with version 1.6.1.

              • UploadMe 1.6.1 (12/11/15)
              • Fixed Bug in upload title editor
              • Fixed Bug in album viewer
              • New New feature! We have added image upload from clipboard (Ctrl+V)
              • Improved We improved drag select functionality
              • Added Functionality to take image title from Exif data
              • Added Home landing animation
              • Improved animations performance
              • Improved drag-select behavior
              • Improved modal boxes
              • Improved support for large resolutions (4K Isn't yet supported)
              • Improved image zoom viewer
              • Fixed bug with NSFW flag and image edit on upload
              • Added Added album flood detection (Your limits: Explained)
              • Improved /search list handling
              • Improved SESSION support detection
              • Fixed XSS vulnerability in /search
              • Fixed bug in album description text select on drag select
              • Fixed bug in mobile menu scroll
              • Fixed bug in mobile menu on Firefox
              • Fixed bug in image delete
              • Fixed bug in conflicting header login box
              • Fixed bug in reCaptcha login modal
              • Updated all translations including English

              • Minor Update (27/07/15)
              • We have added a Cookie message (first time visiting choose "Got it!" to dismiss) and modified our Cookie Policy to show what cookies we collect and use.
              • Minor UI improvemens to the "Menu" list in navigation bar.

              • UploadMe 1.6.0 (20/07/15)
              • Added resize function (after upload)
              • Added show/hide NSFW content from others (Enable/Disable here)
              • Improved uploader queue functionality and styling
              • Fixed bug in upload top-bar toggle effect queue
              • Fixed bug in non displaying new queue buttons after queue done
              • Fixed some language strings (Spanish)
              • Updated Finnish, French, German, Hunagrian, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian languages

              • UploadMe 1.5.9 (24/06/15)
              • Improved handle for resend activation email
              • Fixed bug with Yahoo email delivery
              • Fixed bug with album share via e-mail
              • Fixed bug with invalid HTML tags in email
              • Updated Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Slovak and Spanish translations

              • UploadMe 1.5.8 (22/03/15)
              • Advanced search
              • Improved user profile on mobile
              • reCaptcha V2
              • Updated Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish translations
              • Added Ukrainian and Greek translations
              • Improved listings (mobile)
              • Improved anywhere upload animation
              • Added function to fetch Facebook cover image to user background image
              • Improved Facebook and Twitter login handle

              • UploadMe 1.5.7 (03/03/15)
              • (minor update - the next update in the upcoming days will be a major one)
              • This update includes minor improvements, bug fixes and increased performance.
              • We've also launched our Service Status & System Health which allows the ability to check the service status and health of UploadMe features.

              • UploadMe 1.5.6 r2 (11/11/14)
              • We've made some behind the scene changes and improvements to our Application Programming Interface (API) to allow the new version of the desktop application.

              • Below are all the new changes and updates in UploadMe (28/09/14)
              • We've added two new categories: GIFs and eCards

              • Below are all the new changes and updates in UploadMe v1.5.4 (16/09/14)
              • Announcing the Desktop App (ShareX) - give it a go!
              • For a step-by-step guide including images on setting up ShareX with UploadMe please see Getting Started with ShareX.

              • Below are all the new changes and updates in UploadMe v1.5.3 (09/09/14)
              • is now
              • Added universal drop zone for drag and drop uploads
              • Added automatic image descriptions from filename
              • Updated Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Russian and Spanish translations

              • Below are all the new changes and updates in UploadMe v1.5.2 (29/08/14)
              • Fixed overflow issues with mobile devices
              • Updated Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Russian and Spanish translations

              • Below are all the new changes and updates in UploadMe v1.5.2 (295/08/14)
              • We've added a new category called Interwebz which is where you can upload Internet related things.
              • All albums can now be viewed in one place.

              • Below are all the new changes and updates in UploadMe v1.5
              • Introducing image categories - All - Abstract - Animals - Architecture - Art - Brands - Cars - Celebrities - Funny - Girls - People and Sports.
              • Albums can now have descriptions
              • New language! Persian has been added
              • Improved SEO
              • Profile cover photos now blend in with the header
              • Updated French, German, Spanish and Russian translations

              • Below are all the new changes and updates in UploadMe v1.2
              • No notes
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